Massages to decrease cellulite: 4 tips from a professional in the area

What is massage?

what is celluliteMassage involves using the hands, using force and vibrating movements on the muscles to improve circulation, stimulate joint mobility, increase the elasticity of organic tissues and relax the muscles and relieve pain. The classic massage or also known as Swedish massage is based on the massages that were performed in ancient Greece as a means of “healing by the hands.” The benefits it can provide are both physical and mental and making use of this technique can often send moodiness and stress into space.

How to do modeling massage?

Modeling massage is a technique performed using fast and firm movements of kneading and sliding over soft parts of the body. Intense movements can break the cells of adipose tissue, allowing the content within them to be more easily metabolized by the body. With the maneuvers it is possible to activate the lymphatic and sanguineous circulation, eliminating toxins of the body and improving the health.

Tips for a good massage

Many people are saying that you can only do esthetic treatment with a specialized professional. Not that this is completely untrue, but it can be a bit of an exaggeration and the modeling massage is proof of that. If you know how to perform the movements correctly and get the hang of it, your treatment can be as effective as anyone else’s.

To do this you will surely need an oil or cellulite cream, preferably lipolytic or a circulation activator, so your hands can slide more easily onto the skin. The movements should have a standardized rhythm because you can not do it slowly and sometimes fast. Keep your movements always in the same rhythm and from the bottom up to improve the venous return and activate the microcirculation.

One important tip that can make a difference in how fast the treatment is is to clean the skin before performing the procedure. Perform cleansing with specific products and if possible exfoliate the skin, as when the dead skin layer comes out the pores will be ready to absorb the creams much more effectively. Always try massaging with your hands toward your groin, there are nodes that will filter out body fluids and eliminate toxins.

The Use of Creams

The ideal for reducing massage is the use of a gel or reducing cream, which with the properties of the herb present in the composition of the product can help in the burning of fat. Caffeine or yerba mate creams can help a lot in this case, and are best suited for reducing massage. Creams with arnica also help a lot in the improvement of the local circulation, one of the important points in the reduction of cellulite nodules. The creams should be well chosen for the treatment to be effective, and consulting an area professional for that choice can be an excellent choice. These professionals, through their experience in massages and treatments, can give their testimony of those compounds that worked in practice, and not only in the promises of label.

Oils and Home Creams

For a totally homemade massage, let’s first learn some recipes for homemade creams or oils that will potentiate the effect of self-massage. A good blend for localized fat is moisturizing cream with essential oil of grapefruit, rosemary and cypress. You can mix in the ratio of thirty grams of cream to nine like grapefruit oil, four of cypress and five of rosemary.

Another good recipe, which also fights cellulite, is a mixture of half a cup of coffee powder with a glass of olive oil. Olive oil will help the movement of hands and coffee is a thermogenic widely used in anti-cellulite creams and localized fat fighting. The fresh rosemary can also be used in conjunction with the olive oil, so the mixture rests for a week so that the rosemary substances are mixed with the oil. For a pint of olive oil, use five tablespoons of fresh rosemary. Leave it resting in a capped container and in a cool place and away from the sun.

The truth

The modeling massage can help reduce cellulite, but it does not serve with a definitive solution, since it is necessary to work the muscles in its root so that the results are reached permanently. The best alternative is to combine this with simple localized exercises, which done correctly will leave the skin smooth and regular. Watch the video below and thank me later 🙂

Best massages to get rid of Cellulite

Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, circulation problems and even genetic factors are the cause of cellulite, which can [affect even you are not overweight. According to physiotherapist Mariana Moraes, from Zahra Spa & Estética, the problem appears due to a degeneration of the fatty tissue associated with the presence of toxins that can not be drained by the body. “The lack of oxygenation in the cells, caused by the compression of the blood vessels makes difficult the cellular nutrition and the detoxification of the tissues, collaborating for the appearance of the cellulite”, explains.

The good news is that there are treatments that are able to decrease the incidence of cellulite, as well as relax and improve blood circulation – it is important to remember, however, that treatments should be associated with feeding care and regular exercise.

Cellulite massager is performed through slow, rhythmic pressures that follow the lymphatic system’s path, moving the lymph to the lymph nodes. “These movements help improve circulation and oxygenation of tissues, so it significantly reduces the appearance of orange peel on the skin,” says the physiotherapist.

Sculptural modeler

Made with application of specific products on the skin, this technique combines modeling massage and lymphatic drainage. “The goal is to eliminate excess fluid accumulated in the body, improving tissue nutrition. In addition, massage helps to break down fat cells and reduce toxins, which contributes not only to the reduction of cellulite but also to reduction of measures, “explains the professional.

Demotivational massage

Efficient in the fight against cellulite, this technique also mixes movements of lymphatic drainage and modeling massage, using an anti-cellulite massager, with special bristles and thermoactive products. “This massager is applied with powerful assets such as caffeine, Asian centella extract, horse chestnut extract, seaweed extract and horsetail, which help decrease cellulite significantly,” says Mariana.

Lipolytic massage

This Russian technique consists of the application of deep sliding movements, frictions and kneading with intense maneuvers. “The benefit of lipolytic is that it activates circulation, helps decrease water retention and improves not only tissue oxygenation, but also tissue nutrition. With this, it helps reduce localized fat and cellulite by shaping the body, “the specialist points out.

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